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Semen Andalas OPC Type I

Semen Andalas OPC Type I

Generally used for construction work in :


  • Storey building
  • Sffice buildings
  • Concrete bridge
  • Concrete roads
  • Runway, apron, etc
  • Concrete pre-strained and pre-press
  • Roof tiles, concrete, block, paving block.

Cement with advantages on:


  • 28 day compressive strength is more well,
  • ease of construction
  • relation to the value
  • slump and drying time
  • Favorit

Industrial ecology

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How to create value from waste

Large amounts of natural resources, particularly minerals and fossil fuels, are used to manufacture cement. For many years the Group has been working to reduce the environmental impact of its activities by finding ways to obtain value from waste products.

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