Working for Lafarge in Indonesia
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Learn about the Group's professions in industry and technology, R&D, and marketing and communications. Discover also testimonials from current employees.

FAQ 1 : Recruitment & Training Superintendent of Lafarge Indonesia


I was graduated from Psychology, North Sumatera University. I currently work for Lafarge Cement Indonesia for 4 years on HR department, specifically for recruitment & training. My hobbies are travelling and reading books.


I was a recruiter for an outsourcing company before I joined lafarge. I decided to join Lafarge because Lafarge is one of a big company on Sumatera and Lafarge has international link. Lafarge also have a big concern for Safety and it makes me feel secure.


My rewarding moment is Lafarge give me opportunity to add my knowledge through training experiences from internal/external source and Lafarge also give freedom to express our ideas or good initiatives.


Women in Lafarge will had a bright future and a good career. Women in lafarge could give more ideas and balancing the strict type of man at work. We hope Lafarge could give more opportunity for women to be on senior management positions, so they could sharing women ideas and become an inspirations to others.


FAQ 2 : Vice President Transformation & Performance of Lafarge Indonesia


I was graduated from economic faculty in Syiah Kuala University Banda Aceh. In March 2012 I got the offering to work with PT SAI now called PT Lafarge Cement Indonesia, the prestigious company I've ever imagined. Was it my time? Yup, I did not want to miss it. I joined as Internal Audit senior manager. The first days I joined, I realized that what I've imagined before was different with the reality. But if I looked at from other perspective, I found so many challenges which gave me huge opportunity and space to share and implement my skills & knowledge to improve those things towards achieving company goals, in which in the same time it provides me a mutual learning opportunity from all aspects and over the globe to develop my leadership and technical skills. I took into account that the tough situation is part of my personal development. It works!! Now,18 months after or in Sep 2013, I hold position as VP Transformation & Performance which gives other challenges and need to learn more and more and faster.  


Lafarge works in diversity which gives big opportunity for women to grow up and hold important roles in the company. In some countries e.g. Lafarge Malaysia and France, women composition is near the target 35%. Indonesia still needs some efforts to grow women employees to hold strategic positions. From my point of view, the first thing to do is how to increase the self confidence of women for high position and get the same opportunities with men to improve the competencies. So, as a woman I feel lucky to work in company who care about diversity. 

FAQ 3 : Plant HR Manager of Lafarge Indonesia


I was graduated from Syiah Kuala university majoring Finance, I currently work for Lafarge Cement Indonesia for 15 years on HR department. I have a big interest in automotive world.


Before I joined Lafarge, I was working for TELKOM as a consultant. I decided to join Lafarge because Lafarge is the biggest company in the world and promising for the future.


My rewarding moments are Group commitment, group policy and especially on safety, Financial controlling, many knowledge learned, many good practice learned and many experience after Tsunami to handle the people, paid death Benefit.

FAQ 4 : Graduate Testimoni - Process Engineer Supervisor


I was graduated as a bachelor of Chemical Engineering from Syiah Kuala University. I currently work for Lafarge Cement Indonesia for 2 years on the Process department as a process engineer. My hobby is traveling.


Lafarge is my first company, before I joined Lafarge, I've never worked for any other companies. I decided to join Lafarge because I want a job that relevant with my education and I want to be useful for my hometown.


My rewarding moment is Lafarge has given me so many new knowledge and introduces me to people who can potentially support my success in the future.

FAQ 5 : Graduate Testimoni - Communication Supervisor


Education​: Bachelor degree of Chemical
Department​​​: HR 
Position​​​: Communication Officer
Join in Lafarge​: July 2011 - July 2012 as LGTP in QA Dept.
​​July 2012 - March 2013 as Polyvalent in QA Dept

​​March 2013 - up to now as Communication Officer in HR Dept.

Hobby​​​: Travelling, reading & listening music

What I'm doing before in Lafarge was as I graduated from university, I continued my activity in Prima Radio FM (Banda Aceh) as a News Reader until around October 2010. I joined Prima Radio in 2007. Since October 2011, I continue to submit job applications at several companies including PT LCI.

I decided to joined with Lafarge because: We know PT LCI is the only major company in Aceh Besar. It also became the pride of the people of Aceh that we have natural resources that can produce cement. As I graduated from the chemical engineering; I have a very great desire to become an employee at PT LCI.

The most memorable award in LGTP activities were I could figured out the implementation of science in college directly to the company, I also involved in monitoring the quality of the cement and also seeing the great team work with one direction to make the company better.

Many learning tutored by HOD to solve the employment problems we faced. I was also able to communicate and exchange ideas with employees from overseas and also involved in meetings when the main team from France came over.

So I feel our position as an intern (LGTP) is very meaningful in order to create the future successor of the company and also to build our own self.

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