Working for Lafarge in Indonesia
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People Development

We Believe in People Development

Lafarge aims at making every employee contribute to their full potential in their job. People development within Lafarge is a key driver for performance and change, supporting the achievement of key business challenges and strategies. For this reason, developing people and teams is a fundamental responsibility of all managers at Lafarge. For every area of people development, Lafarge promotes a variety of development practices at any level of the organisation.


On the Job Learning

Offering individuals new and challenging job opportunities (international experience, management of teams with complementary skills).


Action Learning

Enabling people to work effectively and to be successful in their missions by giving them special assignments or projects.



Offered through the Group training courses or recommended external training or developed at entity level when specific to business requirements.



Enabling continuous improvement of behaviours after individual or team assessment, by using internal or external resources.


Knowledge Sharing


Transferring best practices and build knowledge and know-how through teamwork, transversal projects and networks.

Mobilizing our People - The Lafarge Way

Excellent companies are able to develop their people into a core of competent informed employees, working together and able to take initiatives to contribute to the vision and the priorities of their organization.  Having people in various faiths. Education levels and ethnic backgrounds make it even more pertinent for Lafarge Indonesia to develop the necessary action plans to train them and develop their competence and potential.

Lafarge Graduate Trainee / Engineer Program

The Lafarge Graduate/Engineer (LGTP & LEGTP) designed to develop a pool of young talents and to ensure they have the highest standards of technical and managerial knowledge and expertise.   This one year programme exposes the trainee to all aspects of our industrial operations and is structured in such a way as to include on-the-job training, training sessions, individual work assignments and formal coaching by their immediate supervisors. 


If you interest to apply for this program please send your resume to email :

Lafarge Overseas Engineering Program

This local program initiative is established last year in 2012. This program is designed as part of Local Talent Engineering Development.

After Tsunami hit out Plant in Aceh few years ago, it took many years to recover. However, Business has run back to normal and indeed  the  growing phase is in place .In order to accelerate the advancement production process a benchmark knowledge is required .


Last year we have selected 5 engineers based on some established criteria. They have been assigned to some plant out of Indonesia to gain deeper Technical knowledge as further transferring to local Plant in Indonesia.

Diversity & Inclusiveness


In Lafarge we strongly believe that having diverse teams and an inclusive mindset represents today a real competitive advantage. To benefit from diversity, an organization needs to have an inclusive environment where everyone feels respected, involved and recognized. This will help us to open up to new ways of working, gain more flexibility and not to exclude anyone. Diversity and Inclusion is therefore considered as one of the levers that will enable us to become an employer of choice specifi cally in emerging countries, to increase business performance and consolidate our leadership position.Our ambition is to make a turning point in terms of diversity by addressing aspects linked to a change of mindset and behavior.


What do we mean by Diversity and Inclusion in Lafarge?


It is important that as an organization we have common definitions of Diversity and Inclusion.


1.    GENDER


Lafarge believes in equal treatment and chances for both men and women and wants to develop the percentage of women in the Group particularly of senior positions.




In line with our focus on emerging markets and the continuous internationalization, we believe that our

senior leaders shall mirror the international exposure and the business interest of Lafarge.




We need a broader diversity of profi les and thinking styles. A broader range of profi les will develop a more entrepreneurial, marketing-oriented culture, bringing more innovation and creativity to our industry.




Focus Areas: As an international leader we believe in the value of diversity in other areas as well: disability, age discrimination, sexual orientation, etc.




In order to leverage the increasingly diverse workforce, we need to offer a more inclusive environment  for each employee to achieve his/her full potential. A company that leverages a wide range of talents, thoughts and styles is a company that has more chances to be sustainable as a leader.Diversity means a workforce with a variety of personal characteristics. This includes similarities and differences in genders, nationalities, thinking and working styles, abilities, and all the other differences that make each person unique. Inclusion means a way of working together where all profi les and forms of diversity are bringing their unique value. This is supported by a mindset, behaviors, and processes which value differences among colleagues. Individuals with an inclusive approach create an open and safe work environment . Through Diversity and Inclusion we aim to create an organization where people feel involved, respected, and connected so that more people with a wider range of backgrounds succeed.

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The Group's values of respect, care and rigor inform its actions with regard to employees and other stakeholders. Lafarge's business activities, for their part, target sustainable growth by reconciling the twin challenges of economic development and environmental respect.

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