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Communities development & outreach

Community Development


Community development Program plan and implement trough close partnership with community leaders and representatives from two nearest sub-districts.


Below are few prominent activities in the community for 2012 program.



1. Scholarship


Through 2014 Lafarge Scholarship program, Lafarge Indonesia is again providing 400 scholarships to students from Lhoknga and Leupung sub-districts for Aceh Besar district. Beneficiaries of this program are consisted of students of Junior High School or its equivalent, Senior High School or its equivalent, College Students and Students of Moslem Religious School. 


2. High school support


To strengthen the teaching and learning process as well as extra curricular activities in three high schools situated near the company plant. Support was provided to SMU N 1 Lhoknga, SMU N 2 Lhoknga and SMU N 1 Leupung in term of School health, English club, HIV/AIDS campaign, sport facilities and marching band.

Micro Finance

This project implementing trough a local micro finance institutions (MFI - BQ Amanah) as to ensure outreach and efficiency. IDR 500 million were allocated to the MFI until the end of 2012 which is successfully revolves to the micro and small entrepreneurs within the sub sub-district.

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Block Making

Block making project initiate by community member CD officer to enable youth in Mon Ikeun Village (nearest community resident) to have economic activities for their livelihood. Block making business will manage under village authorities so some share from the revenue will go to villagers wellfare 

Social and Religious


Social and Religious


1. Donation for orphan

Concur during Holy Ramadhan Month 2012, 460 orphans received financial package support as to enable them to participate in plenty of activities during Ramadhan and Lebaran.


Other CSR Activities


  1. Cement donation and limited financial support for activities of local government, military, NGO, school/universities, religious body, etc. particularly outside sub-district of Lhoknga & Leupung
  2. Employee and community gathering for social and religious affairs. Employee visit (Takziah) to community who pass a way, Friday praying (Khatib and Imam from PT LCI), Donation for community who had rigors.



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2020 Ambitions

The Group’s partnerships

Lafarge's Ambitions 2020 will drive changes to every part of the Group's operations over the next eight years, in order to change the way we operate and let us progress towards our vision.    

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