Sustainable Development
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Sustainability Strategy

Why Ambitions 2015

Lafarge Cement Indonesia launched its Ambitions 2015 program on January 29, 2013 at the Lhoknga Plant. Our objective is to be A World Class Company, and the program was designed to fill the gap, anticipate challenging environments, and leverage our assets.


What does being a World Class Company mean? Antony Ricolfi (CCEO) said, "We have to reach certain standards in our work. First, to ensure that we maintain the Health and Safety standards so we can be a member of Lafarge Health and Safety Excellence Club. Second, every employee must be professional in their work. Third, we have to be cost effective in all of our actions. Fourth, we must go "extra mile" to deliver new solutions and innovation to the market. Fifth, we must strive to increase our shares in cement market by increasing our production capacity. Andsixth, we have to deliver commitments on Sustainable Development and develop good relationship with all stakeholders".


To make it happens; Lafarge Cement Indonesia is committed to develop its most important assets: our people, endorse cross-functional team works, and being very focused on solid action plans DEEPER AND FASTER.

Create shared value with society


  • Leadership in specific CO2 emissions among major international companies

  • Generate, monitor and report greenhouse gas (GHG) savings through the value chain from sustainable portfolio


  • Proactively engage with stakeholders at all levels

  • Apply environmental and social performance and transparency standards, internally and through our supply chain

  • Work with other leaders in the construction value chain to develop new solutions

  • Develop culture of workplace inclusiveness and employee development programs

  • Human rights, improving lives, community development


  • Low CO2 cements

  • Recycled aggregates including demolition waste

  • Sustainable concrete solutions (e.g. pervious concrete, insulating concrete systems & solutions, low CO2 concrete, concrete with high recycled content)

  • Enhance quality of life through inclusive business models


  • Provide "Geocycle" service and increase the use of biomass

  • Implement active water basin and  water use management and deliver water to communities in water-scarce areas

  • Implement a consistent and robust rehabilitation and biodiversity management at all extraction sites
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2020 Ambitions

The Group’s partnerships

Lafarge's Ambitions 2020 will drive changes to every part of the Group's operations over the next eight years, in order to change the way we operate and let us progress towards our vision.    

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