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Vision & values

Key Values

PT. Lafarge Cement Indonesia consistently endeavors to mobilize its teams through the implementation of key values of Lafarge Group.


These values are a guideline for the behaviors of the management and entire workforce in the conduct of their daily duties, and can be summarized along four pillars of care, integrity, innovation and synergy. This set of values have been developed by Lafarge Group into Principles of Actions to build a strong common foundation to all our businesses around the world.

In consistency with this set values and principles of actions, we have build unique company culture, "The Lafarge Way", focusing on people development, continuous performance improvement and sharing of good practices amongst our local businesses around the world, which makes Lafarge Group successful globally.


The Lafarge Way is built around 3 concepts.

Making our people successful

  • Expecting our employees to give their best, in a safe working environment.
  • Leading by example.
  • Achieving greater results through teamwork.

Focusing on Performance improvement

  • Resulting from the actions of all.
  • Making performance a daily commitment.
  • Sharing systems and tools.

With a "multi-local" organization

  • Building on our local and global strengths.
  • Making our business Units successful by leveranging the resources of a decentralized organization.
  • Sharing clear processes and a limited number of respected and known rules.
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Completed projects

Products at the heart of architectural projects

The innovative properties of Lafarge's range of products stimulates architectural creativity. Residential buildings, foot bridges, road bridges, airports, rail stations: discover examples of projects that make use of Lafarge products.    

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