Lafarge in Indonesia
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Market Development Strategies

Cement products from PT Lafarge Cement Indonesia are sold in several provinces of Sumatra, including Aceh, North Sumatra, Riau and the Riau Archipelago.


Our ambitions are to become the preferred supplier of our customers with products and services of consistent and reliable performance and continually develop new markets using the following strategies:


  • Customer Orientation : PT. Lafarge Cement Indonesia is committed to provide added value to customers by creating best suited products and services for homeowners, contractors, builders, distributors and retailers via the promotion of innovation across our organization. The aim is to provide the best product solution for a specific application and to build loyalty and trust from our customers.
  • Distribution and Logistics : PT Lafarge Cement Indonesia is committed to an on time, in full and invoiced correctly (OTIFIC) efficient distribution system with a network of cement terminals with packing plants and shipping facilities, which ensure availability of our cement products.
  • Organization : PT Lafarge Cement Indonesia is committed to continuously improve the quality and performance of its human resources in daily relation with our customers as well as in the plant and terminal operations and other support functions in order to ensure the continuity of our services and the best quality of our products.
  • Brand Equity : PT Lafarge Cement Indonesia is committed to provide customers with technical support and creative marketing program to deepen their knowledge of our products benefits as well as to increase their appreciation of our cement brands.


These sales and marketing strategies shall not only continuously strengthen our leadership in the markets where we are currently operating but also enable us to developin new markets of Sumatra and Indonesia as we are committed to contribute actively to the development of infrastructures and housing of the country as well as to fulfill the needs of its construction industry.

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Completed projects

Products at the heart of architectural projects

The innovative properties of Lafarge's range of products stimulates architectural creativity. Residential buildings, foot bridges, road bridges, airports, rail stations: discover examples of projects that make use of Lafarge products.    

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