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Lafarge in Indonesia


We operate in Indonesia through PT Lafarge Cement Indonesia (formerly PT Semen Andalas Indonesia), which we have controlled since 1994. Our plant is located in the Aceh province at the northern tip of Sumatra.


1994 Lafarge acquires PT Semen Andalas Indonesia
2004 On December 26, 2004, a tsunami struck the Banda Aceh area where our cement plant was located. Many employees and contractors lost their lives that day. Our plant was severely damaged, and was stopped for a number of months. Our local team organizes cement supplies from other countries in Asia to serve the market and help reconstruction.
2010 Cement Plant reconstruction was completed and production started again
2013 Toll Manufacturing started in October 1st, to strengthen Lafarge commitment in to fulfill the demand for Indonesian Market


New cement sales through a micro credit project

In 2012 and onwards, in order to become a prominent market leader in Northern Sumatera region Lafarge Cement Indonesia (LCI) is targeting to fulfill the cement needs in Aceh, North Sumatera, Riau and Riau Island.  LCI will also launch new innovative products which are leading in quality that meet environmentally friendly specifications, while constanstly developing innovative and affordable housing solutions called RUMAHKU by working with a major Indonesian banks (BRI & Mandiri)  and the indonesian association of architect. As the needs of quality of Semen Andalas is higher, LCI is planning to expand wider market area and to tap more retailers in its relevant market to improve its product availability within customers reach, and to launch new services and loyalty program to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level.

Enhance level of service to customer through Route To Market

Initiated in 2012, LCI has been fully aware that product quality and branding shall be followed by customer satisfaction in its distribution channel. Route to Market is the key lever that may give LCI a solution. Started end 2012, LCI open a new Depot in its route to market in Bireun area (Aceh).


It appears that this Depot can increase significantly LCI proposition to customers, especially in product availability, immediate supply, and better penetration to pocket market which previously overlook by LCI or distributors with big trucks distribution system.


The success of Bireun was followed by Tebing Tinggi Depo than a latest update is warehouse in Medan Industrial Estate to serve project market in bag. LCI is continuing its RTM program by implementing Key Dealer approach, Premium Retailer approach and also Retailer Engagement or Retailer Club to create big success for tomorrow.

Give something back to the community through CSR programs

Since 2009, LCI through its CSR department has been seriously contributing to local development and concentrated in 4 major type of local empowerment: Health, Education, Economic Development and Social Religious. Yearly commitment to disburse the budget and assistance to the locals in implementing the CSR programs are continued and dedicated entirely for the community development.


In 2011, LCI was winning the Indonesian CSR Award (Platinum) for the category "Social Investment and Sustainable Development". The award received was based on the clean water projects for the Leupung communities.

Preparing the Future Leader through Training, LGEP (Lafarge Graduate Engineer Program) & LGTP (Lafarge Graduate Trainee Program)

Employee training has always play the important role in LCI in order to gain and add extra knowledge based on the needs of each individual employee. Nowadays the training is mostly initiated by the internal under the HR division called Training & People Development.


Started in 2009, the LGEP and LGTP program is the innovation of LCI In order to prepare the future leader for the company.


This program is functioning as the filtration of the candidates with several requirements that meet the company's standard, this program is also to fulfill the current talent needs and projecting/planning related to the business.    

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Products at the heart of architectural projects

The innovative properties of Lafarge's range of products stimulates architectural creativity. Residential buildings, foot bridges, road bridges, airports, rail stations: discover examples of projects that make use of Lafarge products.    

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