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Legal mentions

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FAQ 1 : Disclaimer

The website www.lafarge.com is owned by the Lafarge company, a "Société Anonyme" with a capital of 682,952,368 euros registered in the Paris Trade and Companies Register under the reference 542 105 572. The registered office of Lafarge is located at 61 rue des Belles Feuilles, 75116 Paris, France.


Publication Director: Alexandra Rocca, Senior VP Group Communication, Lafarge
Hosting company : Amazon Web Services

LLC 1200 12th Avenue South Seattle,

Washington 98144-2734 AWS



Nothing on this website should be construed as constituting a proposition of sale or purchase. All products, processes and programs presented on the website www.lafarge.com are not necessarily available in all countries. Consequently, the user of this website agrees to exercise his own responsibility when using this information.

Lafarge is bound only by a best-endeavors obligation concerning the information it makes available to visitors to its website, www.lafarge.com.

While every effort has been made to ensure the reliability of the information contained on this website, Lafarge may not be held liable for any errors, omissions or outcomes that may result from using this information. In particular, hypertext links on our site may lead users to information contained on other servers, over which Lafarge has no control.

Stock market data in the Shareholders section is provided by external third parties. Lafarge cannot be held responsible for inaccurate, delayed or interrupted data with regard to the stock price quoted on its website.

The website www.lafarge.com is normally accessible 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. In case of circumstances outside Lafarge's control, difficulties associated with information systems, difficulties associated with telecommunications networks, other technical issues, or for maintenance - this list is not exhaustive - Lafarge may decide to suspend or interrupt access to all or part of the site.

The website can be modified without prior notice.


Special notice for American users of the www.lafarge.com website:
The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (C.O.P.P.A.) of 1998 provides safeguards to protect children who use the internet by regulating the online collection of personal information from children under the age of 13. According to this Act, "(...) if you operate a general audience web site and have actual knowledge that you are collecting personal information from children, you must comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (C.O.P.P.A.)."
Lafarge does not intend to collect any Personal Identification Information from children under the age of 13. However, if children under the age of 13 provide Personal Identification Information to us, their parents or legal guardian should request that we delete this information from our files by sending us an email at webmaster.lci@lafarge.com. We will use all reasonable efforts to delete children's information from our files.
Further information about the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 may be found on the Federal Trade Commission's website (www.ftc.gov).

FAQ 2 : Copyright

Lafarge is the owner of all right, title and interest in the name of Lafarge. You are prohibited from using the name of Lafarge without the positive authorization of Lafarge. This site and its content are protected according to the intellectual property code, particularly with regard to branding, copyrights, drawings and patterns.


Under the French Intellectual Property Code and, more generally, international treaties and agreements containing provisions on the protection of copyright, you are prohibited from reproducing (other than for your private use), selling, distributing, issuing, broadcasting, adapting, modifying, publishing, communicating in full or in part in any form the data, presentation or organization of the site, or the works protected by copyright shown on the Lafarge website www.lafarge.com without the specific prior written consent of the holder of the copyright attaching to the work, the presentation or organization of the site, or the data reproduced.


You are also prohibited from introducing data by whatever means to the Lafarge website www.lafarge.com that would modify or be likely to modify the content or appearance of the data, the presentation or organization of the site, or the works featured on the Lafarge website. 
For more information, contact the webmaster at the following address: webmaster.lci@lafarge.com.

FAQ 3 : Hyperlinks

Hyperlinks to the website www.lafarge.com

Simple hyperlinks to the home page of www.lafarge.com may be set up freely as long as they are not used for commercial or advertising purposes and under the condition that the express notice "On Lafarge website" (or any other similar or more detailed notice) is clearly pointed out on the link or next to the link.

Lafarge shall not be liable in any manner whatsoever for the content of the source websites. 

This authorization is not relevant for websites conveying unlawful, pornographic, xenophobic, subversive, immoral and offensive to human dignity content or any other content which may, to a greater extent, affect the sensitivity of many.

Deep links to any document other then the home page of www.lafarge.com, notwithstanding the shape and content of these links, are prohibited unless express and prior authorization from Lafarge. It should include in particular, but not exclusively, any document of graphic type, any multimedia or text document.

Any reproduction or any use, even partial, of any element of the website www.lafarge.com, within a third party website by framing, inlining or any other similar process are strictly prohibited unless exceptional authorization from Lafarge.  

The authorization for the setting of above-mentioned hyperlinks should be requested to the following e-mail address: webmaster.lci@lafarge.com. Such request should mention the URL where the hyperlinks are asked to be set up.

The access to the page incorporating the hyperlinks to the website www.lafarge.com should be free.

Hyperlinks by Lafarge

This website may contain hyperlinks to other Lafarge Websites but also to external websites. Such hyperlinks are provided for your convenience only. 

Lafarge shall not be liable in any manner whatsoever for the contents, functionality and conditions of use of websites that users are able to access through these hyperlinks, these hyperlinks being established in cooperation with the concerned websites at a time Lafarge found it fitting, considering the content provided.

FAQ 4 : Our partners

The www.lafarge.com website is produced by the Communication Department of the Lafarge Group in association with the following partners:


Amazon Web Services, for hosting
LLC 1200 12th Avenue South Seattle,
Washington 98144-2734 AWS


Aposition, for referencing

296 rue Lecourbe

75015 Paris - France

Tel.: + 33 1 44 26 27 70 - Fax: + 33 1 44 26 27 77



Atalan, for advice regarding our accessibility policy and its implementation

Tel.: + 33 1 45 26 77 89




Crehative, for design and graphic guidelines

Isabella Serey

15 rue Duguay-Trouin

75006 Paris - France

Tel.: +33 8 77 37 73 05



Edifixio, for the technical development of the site

123 rue Jules Guesde

92300 Levallois-Perret - France

Tel.: + 11 33 1 56 90 50 40 - Fax: + 33 1 56 90 50 20



Equancy, for strategic guidance and project management

6 rue Halévy

75009 Paris - France

Tel.: + 33 1 53 30 04 73 - Fax: + 33 1 53 30 04 68



GL Multimédia, for stock market information

25 rue de Choiseul

75002 Paris - France

Tel.: + 33 1 55 27 45 00 - Fax: + 33 1 55 27 45 01



Matz' Design, for the creation of Flash animations

Mathias Tesar


Tel.: + 33 6 64 43 84 97


Poleetic, for guidance and project consulting

Nicolas Laustriat

2 rue Jacques Offenbach

78100 Saint-Germain-en-Laye - France

Tel.: + 33 6 17 01 26 77



Read Speaker France, for spoken content on the site

10 rue Louvois

75002 Paris - France

Tel.: +33 (0)1 40 39 01 67



Seitosei,  for several shareholders services / Website

41 rue de la Chausée d'Antin

75009 Paris - France

Tel.: + 33 1 78 94 87 30 - Fax: + 33 1 53 21 99 74



Solutions éditoriales, for the writting of some case studies and testimonies
Sophie Poisard Storz, editorial guidance, corporate reporter
4 rue des alouettes
69780 St Pierre de Chandieu - France
Tel.: + 33 1 6 62 34 16 64


WordAppeal, for the structure of site information and written content

99 rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin

75010 Paris - France

Tel.: + 33 1 43 38 90 20 - Fax: + 33 1 43 38 90 23



Yuseo, for ergonomic optimization

13 place Kossuth

75009 Paris - France

Tel.: + 33 1 40 33 30 01



FAQ 5 : Personal data

Lafarge uses the questionnaires found on the www.lafarge.com website site to collect data regarding visitors to the site. This data allows us to respond to your requests for information. Personal information collected in this way is restricted to basic contact information (last name, first name, job title, company name and address, e-mail address, telephone and fax numbers).


You may send e-mails to the addresses shown on the website. Each message will contain your e-mail address and any additional information that you wish to include in the message.


Tracking techniques may be used on our web site as a means of enhancing your navigational experience. You have a right to access, delete and modify any personal data collected in this way. Any personal information collected is destined for use by Lafarge and Lafarge's partners. Lafarge will never share a user's personal data with any third party, unless the user himself specifically requests this. Lafarge deletes users' IP addresses six months after their last visit to the site.

A session cookie is created when you visit the www.lafarge.com website. Cookies record information about your visit to our site (pages visited, date and time of visit, etc.) on your computer's hard drive. This information can be used during your next visit to the website. This cookie remains on your computer for 30 minutes. You can block these cookies by modifying the security parameters of your browser (for example, Tools / Options on Microsoft Explorer 6).



As a visitor to the Lafarge website, you are bound to respect the provisions of the French law "Informatique, fichiers et libertés" of January 6, 1978, (n°78-17). Anyone violating this law is liable to penal sanctions.
According to the French law n°78-17 "Informatique, fichiers et libertés", you have the right to access, rectify or delete information which refers to you by name. If you wish to rectify or delete certain data, please send an e-mail specifying your request to: privacy@lafarge.com.

The www.lafarge.com website is registered with the C.N.I.L. ("Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés") under the reference 781056, an update is underway. The "Shareholder registration" services are registered with the C.N.I.L. under the reference 1266566 ; and the collected information relating to the Individual Shareholders' Consultative Committee candidates are registered under the reference 1266574.

FAQ 6 : Photo and architect credits

Photographes :

Photothèque Lafarge/D.R., Augusto Da Silva/Graphix-images, Roy Wiemann/Getty Images, Yellow Dog Production/Getty Images, François Moura, Liu Zhan, Bernard Collet, Philippe Couette, Claude Cieutat, Laurent Rothan, Jeff Voelz, Rubén Gordi, Guillaume Maucuit-Lecomte, Philippe Ruault, Gustavo Oramas, Jack Clark, Jean-Marie Monthiers, Fernando Ferreira, Guillaume Atger/Editing Corp, Gilles Rolle/R.E.A., Antoine Vavel, The image factory, Philippe Giraud/Terres du sud, Emmanuel Doumic, Mike Ford Photography, Michael Martin Photography, Photothèque Lafarge Asland/Fond éditorial Lundwerg, Patrick Kennedy, Christian Michel, Emmanuel Doumic, Christian Dumont Graphix images, Cazenave ArtKitect, Pont-Senac Jérome, W.W.F. - Canon/Roger Leguen, Saurabh Das/Agence Vu, Jean-Marie Monthiers, Columbia Collection, David Spielman/G.P.A., Georges Fessy, Christian Chamourat, Lloyd Sutton, Adam Welch, R. Lowery/Ernest - Rawlins Photography, Jack Clark, Lyal Lauth, Mamberti Thierry, François Poche, Tucker Photography, Ana Muller, Jeffrey Grosscup/G.P.A., Huang Yu / Shanghai SanHe Photography Co./L.T.D., W.W.F.-Canon/Juan Pratginestos, Jacques Ferrier architecte, Patrick O'Brien, Jae-Seong E., Bruno Fert / corbis, Grégoire Korganow / Rapho, Laurence Prat / Images et Concepts, Gérard Uferas / Corbis, Photothèque C.R.A.S.H., Vincent Rackelboom, Samuel Ashfield, Jean-Philippe Mesguen, Balloide Photo, Hamilton De Oliveira, Mikolaj Katus, Cedric Arnold, Cyrille Dubreuil, Ignus Gerber, Claudio Lara Da Costa, Rich Sanders, Tucker Photography, Grison Jacques, Supnarak Kanok, Fabrice Gousset / Courtesy Galerie Kreo, See Zisiang, Browne Shaun, Gerber Ignus, A. Tabaste, Louvre Museum / Mario Bellini, David Sundberg / Esto, Richard Humphries, Diego Giudice, Stéphane de Bourgies, Robson Moraes, Sam Lahoz, Kristen Pelou.


Architectes :

Atelier A, Giulia Andi / Agence Lin, Bligh Voller Nield, Roberto Canduso, C.P.V. Group Architects & Engineers L.T.D., David / Waner Internation Film Co., Jacques Ferrier, Norman Foster, Antonio Gaudi, Finn Geipel, Jones Brothers Construction, Hatch Mott MacDonald, Rémy Marciano / Klemens Ortmeyer / Daniel Jamme, Paul Merrick and Associates, Francesco Passaniti, Jean-Paul Philippon, Renzo Piano, Rudy Ricciotti, Valode & Pistre Architectes, Williams and Associates, Olsen Warman, Ralph Whitehead Associates, Archiplan Co, F.H.W.A., Wichai Khaemajitpishit, Martin Szekely, Moatti & Rivière, Dominique Marrec & Emmanuel Combarel (E.C.D.M.), Frédéric Borel, Rémy Marciano, Zaha Hadid, Vitor Wanderley & João Uchoa, SOM, Jean Nouvel, JSK/GMP/SBP, Perspective Agence Marc Mimram,Tim Fagan / Bombardier.

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